Undisputed attribute of reality around us is the rapid acceleration of scientific and technical progress. Living generation now witnessing a dynamic process: the creation of new technologies that replacing the older approaches, it happens several times during a single human life. In these circumstances, guarantee of a successful career is the constant attention to any changes in the structure of the needs of society, as well as a flexible response to these changes offering new technologies and innovations.

The understanding of this process encourages us to keep INAM point of creative endeavor at the crossroads of advanced science, technology and the latest achievements of the actual needs of society.

The main profile of INAM – development, production and implementation of analytical control of raw materials and finished products based on different physical, chemical and physical methods of analysis substances. In particular, INAM is the only Ukrainian designer and manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analyzers substance (reference the Chamber of Commerce №2991 / 08.3-8 from 16.12.13.).

The first work in the field of XRF-analysis were initiated by us about 20 years ago when the economy of Ukraine, a major producer of metal products and machinery, has the urgent need for affordable modern analytical techniques. With huge amounts of metal production, the level of analytical control of its quality remained low due to the use of labor-intensive and resource-chemical methods of analysis or aging semi-automatic equipment, as well as due to lack of qualified personnel. Particularly acute is affected on medium and small steel plants. Expert divisions of power structures, sanitary-epidemiological stations, etc. faced the same problems, especially in the first years of Ukrainian Independence.

During this period, the research team, which formed the basis of the current creative Institute, is developing a unique set of scientific, methodical, analytical methods and techniques that have allowed for the first time in the world to create a direct reading for the non-destructive measurement means for determination of chemical elements in samples without the use of “a priori” information about the type of control object and calibration.

Was created a fundamentally new type of devices – express X-ray fluorescence analyzers of substance. These devices allow a precise analysis of the chemical composition of the sample in a short time at a very low cost of analysis, they do not require highly qualified personnel and are commercially available. As a result, the scope of use of development has expanded from a purely scientific tasks to meet the practical needs of specific users in different areas – for the needs of industrial enterprises, for the problems of environmental control, forensic examination and customs, banking, etc.

In 1995, at the Center of analytical problems of ecology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was founded Research and Production Enterprise “Institute for Analytical Methods of control” (INAM).
INAM equipment embodies the synthesis of innovative ideas in the field of X-ray equipment, physical and mathematical modeling, computer science and the latest advances in electronics and instrumentation. Innovative activity is the basis of the INAM approach to creation and marketing of our products. Stability and reproducibility of the metrological characteristics, repeatedly confirmed by authorities Ukrmetrteststandart, convenience and ease of operation, constant updating and improving the design of devices and methodical software – the result of the persistent efforts of the INAM towards improving the quality of the instruments.

Being constantly on the crest of advanced trends in analytical instrumentation, INAM team released competitive and commercially very attractive products. Among the equipment for analysis of alloys available on the market, these analyzers have a unique combination of properties, which no one more manufacturer in the world have:
– Preservation of the metrological characteristics over the entire period of operation of the device:
– Error in the determination of chemical elements are not inferior to the corresponding error of chemical analysis;
– The best resolution of the spectrometer;
– Complete automation of all payment transactions with the spectra;
– Complete security for staff to operate the device.
On the Ukrainian market INAM devices successfully compete with the world’s leading technology manufacturers, and jointly metrology and performance are unmatched in the world in its class of measuring means.

High consumer quality of INAM analyzers also appreciated by users in USA, Canada, Lithuania, Azerbaijan.

Ukrainian authorities Ukrmetrteststandart recognized and praised the achievements of the team in the field of metrology. As one of the leading manufacturers of analytical techniques, INAM is regularly invited to participate in organizing specialized international conferences and exhibitions in the field of metrology and standardization.
Throughout the period of its existence, INAM has been active outreach activities, promoting the rise of the general level of literacy in the modern state of means, methods and analytical devices. INAM staff participate in exhibitions, performing at scientific conferences and forums, provide training for professionals, publishing articles in specialized journals.