Customs and Forensic Examinations

INAM XRF analyzers allow to quick inspect a wide variety of suspicious items and substances. Due to its versatility and ease of use can be used on site during customs inspection of trucks, containers, vessels, and people.

X-ray fluorescence analyzer allows you to quickly and accurately identify traces of wear firearms or knives. Upon contact with clothes, skin of the suspect there are a microscopic traces of metal remains. Analysis of these traces allows to set not only the fact of wearing, but also the exact subject of the contact.

Materials such as glass, paint, oil and other fluids often leave multiple traces, which can serve as evidence. Whether it is a car accident, an accident or a deliberate crime, accurate elemental analysis of these traces should establish the true source of the detected fragments.

Also examination using INAM XRF analyzers detects toxic metals and their compounds in various objects.