Expert 3L

Mobile precision analyzer EXPERT 3L

EXPERT 3L – сompact analyzer for mobile and stationary laboratories. Spacious measurement chamber with an interior lighting allows to work in small space of the mobile laboratory. It is possible to supply from a car battery.
To increase the sensitivity for light elements (Na, Mg, Al, Si) analyzer equipped with a system of purge channel collimator by helium (flow rate – 30 – 45 ml/min at a pressure of 0.5 -1 atm).
Built-in thermal printer provides immediate printout of the measurement data.


PURPOSE OF ANALYZER: measurement of the mass fraction of chemical elements in homogeneous monolithic and powdery objects in mobile and stationary laboratories.

• Items (their fragments, castings) from various metal alloys and any arbitrary form
• Inorganic objects: ores, minerals, ceramics, glass, construction materials, slag, sludge, and other industrial waste
• Determination of chemical elements in liquid and organic objects (as an option)

Area of application could be expanded to the custom measurement tasks, offered by user.

• Determination of elements from magnesium 12Mg to uranium 92U (optional 11Na) simultaneously in a single measurement
• The range of the measured element contents – 0.005-100%
• Detection limits of elements from 1-10 ppm
• Typical measurement time 2-30 s.

Continuous operation time         Not limited
Time on autonomous power supply         At least 6 hours
Power supply – AC, 50/60 Hz         100-240 V
Power consumption measurement unit         Less than 30W
Dimensions of measuring chamber         300x150x240 mm
Maximum weight of the measured sample         From 1 mg to 20 kg
Dimensions of measurement unit         412x312x312 mm
Weight of measurement unit         <16 kg
Warranty         No less than 1 year
Operating temperature range          +10°C to +45°C
Relative humidity within operating temperature range          <90%

Radiation safety of analyzer EXPERT 3L is confirmed by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (conclusion of Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic inspection №05.03.02-04/79781 on 03.09.2013).
INAM Specialists will conduct mandatory training of Customer’s personnel.

• Methodical support and user supervision
• Guarantee and post-guarantee service
• Periodic maintenance work
• Remote diagnostics of the analyzer components

Booklet of INAM and its products
The tables illustrate the accuracy of determination of chemical elements in alloys on the different basis