Expert 4L

Desktop precision analyzer EXPERT 4L

EXPERT 4L is designed for laboratory researches of various types of objects. Analyzer features spacious measurement chamber with actuator operated cover. Free access to all surface of measurement table allows to set samples of any dimensions.
Analyzer is equipped with a helium purge channel system and built-in thermal printer. Auto sampler as an option.


PURPOSE OF ANALYZER: measurement of the mass fraction of chemical elements in homogeneous monolithic and powdery objects in stationary laboratories.

• Items (their fragments, castings) from various metal alloys and any arbitrary form
• Inorganic objects: ores, minerals, ceramics, glass, construction materials, slag, sludge and other industrial waste
• Determination of chemical elements in liquid and organic objects (as an option)

Area of application could be expanded to the custom measurement tasks, offered by user.

• Determination of elements from magnesium 12Mg to uranium 92U (optional 11Na) simultaneously in a single measurement
• The range of the measured element contents – 0.005-100%
• Detection limits of elements from 1-10 ppm
• Typical measurement time 2-30 s.

Continuous operation time         Not limited
Time on autonomous power supply         At least 6 hours
Power supply – AC, 50/60 Hz         100-240 V
Power consumption measurement unit         Less than 30W
Dimensions of measuring chamber         397x225x153 mm
Maximum weight of the measured sample         From 1 mg to 80 kg
Dimensions of measurement unit         455x302x301 mm
Weight of measurement unit         <25 kg
Warranty         No less than 1 year
Operating temperature range          +10°C to +45°C
Relative humidity within operating temperature range          <90%

Radiation safety of analyzer EXPERT 4L is confirmed by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (conclusion of Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic inspection №05.03.02-04/8431 on 21.03.2016).
INAM Specialists will conduct mandatory training of Customer’s personnel.

• Methodical support and user supervision
• Guarantee and post-guarantee service
• Periodic maintenance work
• Remote diagnostics of the analyzer components

Booklet of EXPERT 4L
Booklet of INAM and its products
The tables illustrate the accuracy of determination of chemical elements in alloys on the different basis