Art and Antiquities Research

In the study of museum exhibits, art treasures, antiques, archaeological resources non-destructive methods of analysis and precision equipment must be used.
Our products allow you to get information about the place and manner of construction of the object, the idea of the origin of the raw material components of the product quickly. XRF analyzers also allow you to choose the materials for restoration products and enable their dating and checking the authenticity.
Both analyzers Expert 3L and Expert Mobile allow in a matter of seconds to get the weight fraction of the precious metal in jewelry, coins, works of art and antiquities, and other objects.
The use of XRF analyzers:.
• Classification carat gold on the site up to 24 ct
• Analysis of platinum, palladium, silver and other precious alloys detection of impurities
• Preventing fraud
• Measurement of the precious metal in the medical devices and implants
• Analysis of the presence of gold and silver coins
• Identification and analysis of unknown metals
• Detection of the coatings thickness, regardless of the concentration of gold in the surface layer