Metallurgy and Foundry

We provide the most versatile, accurate and reliable analyzers of metals and alloys, ensuring higher speed measurements, which improves performance and reduces the cost of production processes. INAM XRF analyzers used for direct measurement of the mass fraction of chemical elements in metallic samples.

The study of metals and alloys using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer provides fast results with laboratory accuracy. If you are an industrial customer, supplier or distributor, understanding the chemical composition of cast materials is essential. From day to day tasks, such as sorting, to more complex procedures for the separation of brand alloy analyzers INAM RFA will provide accurate information that will allow you to control the cost of production of the final product. Both analyzers INAM Expert 3L and Expert Mobile suitable for most applications, measurement and analysis of metal alloys. Also, our devices are able to assess the carbon 6C for steel and cast iron.