• Expert MOBILE
    Expert Mobile – portable, convenient and accurate X-ray fluorescence analyzer is ideal for the analysis of secondary raw materials, work in the mining industry, solving archaeological problems, customs control. The detection range of the chemical elements – from 12Mg to 92U. Continuous operation of the analyzer of the battery – not less than 6 hours. Weight – 2.4 kg. Read more>>>
  • Expert-3L
    Expert 3L – XRF analyzer for laboratory use. Option of the helium purge of detector increases the sensitivity of the analysis of light elements. Quantitative determination of elements – from 12Mg to 92U. The measuring range of mass fractions of elements – from 0.01% to 99.9%. Metrological measurement time – 20 seconds. Read more>>>
    Expert 4L – new generation XRF analyzer for laboratory use. The analyzer has spacious measurement chamber and measurement table over a wide surface area. Access to all surface of measurement table automated by electromechanical actuator operated cover. Read more>>>
  • EXPERT Mobile P – Manual precision X-ray fluorescent analyzer.
    Model of the EXPERT family of express analyzers optimally adapted for use in outdoor conditions.Read more>>>
By combining the modified method of fundamental parameters with a single empirical grading of each individual device, in 1995 the first in the world, a new class of devices was created – X-ray fluorescence analyzer.
No need for the calibration by the user. All possible tasks of examination and elemental analysis of any object is now running on the same device.
Due to a single empirical calibration on standard samples of different types of alloys (magnesium, aluminum, copper-nickel, titanium, alloys, precious metals, etc.) the calibration of analyzers from 0,01% to 99.9% for any element from Mg to U is provided .
As a result, analyzers provide accurate measurements of metrological samples of any composition.
Time stability of metrological characteristics achieved by the use of multi-level feedback: three loops of stabilization – hardware, firmware, and software.
This ensures the reproducibility of measurements throughout the lifetime of the device. The user is completely relieved from conducting any kind of customization and calibrations.